Monday, January 23, 2006


They won the elections, they didn't get the majority though. But its doesn't matter, they won. Even if all the others put their seats together, it wont be as much as them.
I was hoping that maybe things are going to change, and I would be able to go back home. I was hoping that maybe they would yield to US pressure and form a governments that includes everybody. I was hoping that they would lose, and all the early results were just a bad joke. But... Well, what can I do? They won. I knew they are going to win, but I was hoping. Doesn't matter. Its just another 4 years always from home. Just another wasted 4 years of my life, just another 4 years of doing things I don't want to do, seeing people I don't want to see, and living a life I don't want to live. Just Another 4 years away from, another 4 years of wishing and hoping, another 4 years of exile.
but who says its going to just 4 years? Everybody tells me that its going to be more, but I'm still hoping that its just going to be 4.
The losers said that they played the elections, and they manipulated the seat count to get more seats on their-the losers- account. I don't know about that, but the special committee that the Un sent to assess the authenticity of the elections found no proof to support these allegations. Although they cancelled some ballot boxes, but their number was so little, that it wont make any significant difference in the finale results.
before the results, they-The Supreme council for Islamic revolution in Iraq- about forming a national government, with all the players represented. But, out of a sudden, they said that they don't have to do that. They won, and its their earned right to form their government, and the people who have lost should accept it. Sadly, this is true. They won, they are entitled this right by law, and the rest can go and hit their heads to a wall for all they care.
Now they other people, the ones who lost, turned to begging. Allawi, is now negotiating to get the vice-president, even though he is working against eh group, but he wants that job so bad that he doesn't care about anybody else.
The other groups are fighting as well, to get a piece of the cake. But what I think they don't realize, is that if they take part in that government, they should accept everything it says and does. They should vote WITH every bill they propose. Can they do that? There are major differences between the Sunni's agenda and the Shite's agnenda. So its practically impossible for them to be together, I cant even begin to imagine the problems if they did. This government could take a year to be put together. That's just absurd.
I want to say let us see what are they going to do, I want to say that let us see what can they do. But I cant. Cause I know what they are going to do, and what they are capable of doing. I have seen it, and I'm sure that all of us have too.
All I can do now is hoping, for these people to change their mind, and to change their way of thinking. But I know this is not going to happen.
I just want to say one last thing... If they did play the elections, I don't blame them for it. They have all right to do that. Just take a look on this book, "Fooled again" by Mark Crispin Miller. This book talks about how people play the elections in the country that calls it self the leader of the free and democratic world. Here is a link if you want to read about it,
Now my point is if this happens in America, then why do you people say that we are retarded undemocratic third-world countries? Maybe because we do it in a less sophisticated fashion? There is no other reasons. Unless you don't know what this happens in your countries, or maybe you are just hypocrites. Or maybe just plain stupid. I don't know why. I leave that to you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


First I want to congratulate my Muslim brothers and sisters, and wish them many happy returns. This ied comes like the rest of the others ieds, filled with sorrow and despair. Back home, in Baghdad, old people used to congratulate each other and say" inshalla al sana al jaya bil qudus", which means: in god's will, next year we will celebrate ied in Jerusalem. I don't think that's ever going to happen. Everybody hopes that the next year will be better, but every year it gets worse.
Anyway... I don't want to bother anyone who is radians this by our, I mean us Arabs, failure, or actually failures, cause this ied what all people are wishing for in Iraq is to be safe, or so I heard. I'm not Muslim, but almost all my friends are Muslims, I find it difficult to say happy ied to all of them, so if any of them is reading this... You know.
Saturday, they are going to release the final results for the elections, like nobody knows them. God... They decided who's going to be president, and who going to be prime minister, and who's going to get the left-over from their dinner. Now, after all that, they are going to release the finale results. Give me a freakin break.
Yesterday I was listing to Mr. Bush's speech as usual, and as usual also there was nothing new. But I want to ask something, seriously... What in the name of the almighty god is wrong with this guy? Does he ever learn? I am really pissed off, I started writing this tow days ago, but every time I start writing something I stop and delete it. This man real makes no sense at all. First he acknowledges that all the information about WMDs were "inaccurate", he didn't say wrong or deliberately falsified to his liking, anyway... He keeps on going about about how president Saddam Hussein used to torture his people, and he forgets that he wants to legalize torture. Then he goes on about freedom for the Iraqi people and how he made democracy possible for them, but he forgets that he violated that when he ordered the NSA to tap people's phones without a court order, and didn't even apologize when people knew about it.
He says that Saddam Hussein used WMDs on his people, and he forgets that his troops are doing the same to the Iraqi people too. He says that they moved the frontier of the war on terror outside the United States, and instead of fighting terrorists in his homeland, he is doing so in another country, meaning when people die, they will not be his people, so it doesn't really matter. So that means for me that my people are dying to keep Americans free. And you call us retarded? We are dying for you people!! Isn't that selfish? I don't know, who am I to answer this? I am just one the of the lambs ready to be sacrificed on the altar of American freedom. Silly me, and I thought that people should fight for their own freedom, but I guess that was a long time ago, and now the rule is people who have nothing to do with war on terrorism should die for the Americans. So much for human rights, I guess they should rename it to be "The American humans rights", cause they apply only for Americans. Can't you people see? After all that you ask why do we hate you? He says that we hate you because you are free, but that's just crap. We don't hate because you are free, we don't hate you because of your way of life, and most certainly we don't want to invade the US and make you our slaves. We just want you to be fair, just as you claim you are. We hate you because you are unfair to us. We don't hate you because of who you are, We hate because of what you do. We don't hate the American people, We hate the American policy in our region. We don't care about your policy towards Brazil, Cuba, China, or north Korea, or whatever else, that's your business, not ours. What we do care about is your policy towards us, towards our problems, towards our concerns. For me... I don't hate Americans, on the contrary, I love all what's American, I love the movies, I love the food, I love the your way of life, I love your way of organizing your life, but I hate the government's policy, and I hate this administration because it is killing my people, and because it caused me a lot of pain both generally and personally. We want to be your friends, but your leaders want us to be your followers, they keep filling your heads with lies about us, and how we want to kill you. We don't want to kill you, but what would you do if someone tries to kill you? Wouldn't you defend yourself? I don't want anybody to get me wrong, hate is a very negative feeling, hate can make you do a lot of this that you don't want to do. I don't want to hate anybody, and this one of the ways in which I want to control this feeling, to get it all out of system, to say what I want to say to people. I don't want to hate anybody.
Please understand that, and please don't judge me. And please forgive my weakness.
Bless you all .

Monday, January 09, 2006


Some poeple wanted me to comment on Al-Thawaheri's speech,but I'm sorry. I don't want to dignify this person by responding to anything he said. These poeple give a negative picture to islam and jihad, they are criminals and murderers. Although I am not really fond of America, but I hope they find and his master Bin Laden, and put them to trial.
On the other hand he said some things that i find intersting, like how Mr. bush is loosing the war, and some other stuff. I hate the guy and i despise his methods and his way of thinking, but he and I have something in common, we both know what Mr. Bush doesnt, he is losing.
Today I want to talk about the Iraqi prime minister and his visit to the Kurdstan rebuplic!!! Yes, you didn't misunderstand me, and I didnt make one of my many grammatical mistakes, it is Kurdstan Rebuplic, the Independent Kurdstan Rebuplic. They gave the prime minister a formal reception, with the red carpet and the formal guard, the whole nine yards. And this is not just me talking, with my grudges againt the new iraqi goverment, this is real.
These poeple have issued thier own passports, and again this is not me talking, saudi officials complained that the Iraqi goverment sent an entire plain filled with kurds holding a kurdish passport, and when they refused to give them visas, the Iraqi goverment protested to that disicion.
Are they oficially seperated from Iraq? I really dont know, and i dont think the prime minister does, the guy just wants to stay in office no matter what. It doesnt matter if the kurds took the north, and Al-Hakeem too the south, he would still have the Green Zone all for himself. And the tell me to go the movies, what the hell for? I can watch all the comedy i want in the news. Like when Mr, Bush tell us about his strategy to win the was in Iraq, Isn't that a little too very much late sir? You should have made this befor the war. Or this other time when he tell us that the war wasn't about the WMDs, and the reason was to free the Iraqi people from tyrany and oppression,and at the same time, as a good-will gesture, give Iraq as a christams gift to Iran, but when he realized that he sent the gift to the wrong address, the Iranians refused to give it back.
Or this other time when Iraqi poeple say that they are thankful to the Americans for invading thier country and outsting the former presedint Saddam Hussien, this is the first time in modern history, or maybe on the whole history, that poeple are thankfum becaue thier country was taken from them.
i read a blog, written by a fellow Iraqi, or so he claims, thanking Mr.Bush, and telling him to keep on the good work. This guy says that Mr. Bush is doing a great job in Iraq, and his troops brought freedom and justice for the iraqi peopl. He probably havent seen Falluja and Abu Gharib.
See? Why go to the movies? You can see all the comedy, drama, and action you want to see in the news.
And if u wanna hear some really bad oweful jokes, just listen to one of Mr. Bush's speeches.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


First of all I want to say happy new year to all, and I wish everybody a good year, or at least a better year than the last one.
Anybody heard Mr. Bush saying that all the intelligence information about Iraq before the war were"in accurate". I didn't listen to or read the speech in English, and this is the closest translation to what I read. He was pretty keen not to use the word "wrong" or "false", and he didn't apologize to the American people let alone the Iraqi people. He said that they should "adapt", and it doest matter anyway, the info that is, because now the Iraqi people have democracy. He didn't actually say it, but that was what he meant.
Doesn't matter?No... Seriously? I mean what is that? I give him every right to say what he wants, cause the guy is blind. He doesn't se beyond his nose, and he doesn't to listen to anything other than himself. He thinks god speaks to him, and he has a mission, he actually used the word "crusade" once, maybe he thinks that they will give the crown of Jerusalem after freeing it from the infidels, I don't know, who am I to judge?
Anyway, that's not the point here. The point is, in a democracy when people do something wrong or give wrong information to the public they get punished if they deliberately mislead the public the go to trail, or at least the are forced to resign office. So what happened when Mr. Bush said what he said? NOTHING. I bet the Americans didn't even give a damn. But then again maybe America is not a democracy after all, I mean hey... They tap people's phones without a court order, the want to legalize torture, they even have secret prisons in which prisoners are held without trial. So much for the protector of the free world.
But hey it's all for the grater good, and again who am I to judge?
They are doing well in Iraq, reconstruction,democratic elections, new full term government, absolutely great. But-there is always a but- we Iraqis are so stupid and dumb that we don't see all of that, they have to pay us to realize it. The American military paid newspapers to publish the "good suff" about Americans troops, they even paid some groups to participate in the elections and to persuade other groups to do so too. I didn't practice my right in the elections, guess the check bounced!!
I want to say a lot more but I really do not know where to begin, maybe some other time.
Happy new year everyone.