Monday, January 09, 2006


Some poeple wanted me to comment on Al-Thawaheri's speech,but I'm sorry. I don't want to dignify this person by responding to anything he said. These poeple give a negative picture to islam and jihad, they are criminals and murderers. Although I am not really fond of America, but I hope they find and his master Bin Laden, and put them to trial.
On the other hand he said some things that i find intersting, like how Mr. bush is loosing the war, and some other stuff. I hate the guy and i despise his methods and his way of thinking, but he and I have something in common, we both know what Mr. Bush doesnt, he is losing.
Today I want to talk about the Iraqi prime minister and his visit to the Kurdstan rebuplic!!! Yes, you didn't misunderstand me, and I didnt make one of my many grammatical mistakes, it is Kurdstan Rebuplic, the Independent Kurdstan Rebuplic. They gave the prime minister a formal reception, with the red carpet and the formal guard, the whole nine yards. And this is not just me talking, with my grudges againt the new iraqi goverment, this is real.
These poeple have issued thier own passports, and again this is not me talking, saudi officials complained that the Iraqi goverment sent an entire plain filled with kurds holding a kurdish passport, and when they refused to give them visas, the Iraqi goverment protested to that disicion.
Are they oficially seperated from Iraq? I really dont know, and i dont think the prime minister does, the guy just wants to stay in office no matter what. It doesnt matter if the kurds took the north, and Al-Hakeem too the south, he would still have the Green Zone all for himself. And the tell me to go the movies, what the hell for? I can watch all the comedy i want in the news. Like when Mr, Bush tell us about his strategy to win the was in Iraq, Isn't that a little too very much late sir? You should have made this befor the war. Or this other time when he tell us that the war wasn't about the WMDs, and the reason was to free the Iraqi people from tyrany and oppression,and at the same time, as a good-will gesture, give Iraq as a christams gift to Iran, but when he realized that he sent the gift to the wrong address, the Iranians refused to give it back.
Or this other time when Iraqi poeple say that they are thankful to the Americans for invading thier country and outsting the former presedint Saddam Hussien, this is the first time in modern history, or maybe on the whole history, that poeple are thankfum becaue thier country was taken from them.
i read a blog, written by a fellow Iraqi, or so he claims, thanking Mr.Bush, and telling him to keep on the good work. This guy says that Mr. Bush is doing a great job in Iraq, and his troops brought freedom and justice for the iraqi peopl. He probably havent seen Falluja and Abu Gharib.
See? Why go to the movies? You can see all the comedy, drama, and action you want to see in the news.
And if u wanna hear some really bad oweful jokes, just listen to one of Mr. Bush's speeches.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Bruno said...

I like your blog, Lord.

Your comments are in line with what any normal – thinking person would think of the shameful situation Iraq has been plunged into. The reality is that plans have been afoot courtesy of the American neoconservatives for a long time now to occupy Iraq – and by their own admission. The WMD story always was a frame-up. I have seen that some influential US senators are going so far as to suggest that because this invasion has been so beneficial to Iraq, that Iraqi oil money be used to pay for the damage caused to the US by hurricane Katrina. Quite frankly I find this attitude despicable.

You are reading the wrong Iraqi blogs, btw.

You said “i read a blog, written by a fellow Iraqi, or so he claims, thanking Mr.Bush, and telling him to keep on the good work.” This sounds very much like it is from “Iraq the Model” otherwise known as “Iraq the Stooge” or the “Three Monkeys” (see no evil, hear no evil …) blog … a blog which has always wholeheartedly supported the US action in Iraq no matter how atrocious such action may be. There are other blogs, written by intelligent and patriotic Iraqis who take a very different view of things.

You should look at:

These are just some of the blogs that offer a much more realistic assessment of the situation in Iraq and the role of the US therein. Have a good day, and keep writing!


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bru, when the new eyerak has been instaled you wll be the first one tried for treeson - dividing and serprating the peeple like that!

Am in utter total agreemnt wit you lord, there is alot of comedy to be had in listening to and reading Bushis talks. I am remind in reading your blog of a saying I heard one time: "Senator - for you there is no door to this buildingk". In a word, not evryone will get where you are writing from, but some will.

I have to name myself anonymous, I hope you can understand.


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