Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I’ll See You in the Morning Light

Every single time I think to myself that they can’t do more damage, they can’t come up with more stupid ideas, but every single time they prove mo wrong.
America doesn't read history well. You see… America already tried the wall idea in Vietnam, they called it strategic hamlets. They forced the peasants to leave their original villages, confine them all in these strategic hamlets, which is protected by barb weirs, mine fields, bamboo fields, watchtowers, and walls. They wouldn't let the people out except during the day to work in the rice fields, thoroughly frisking them on entering and exiting the area in which they are confined, with 24 hours surveillance, even using helicopters to watch them while they work. They shot every person who tried to cross the barb weir fence. They rationed food and supplies to prevent the people from storing any; they gave everybody a name tag with his or her print on it. This started in July 1962, and phase 2 started in the beginning of 1963. the plan was to build more than 16 thousands hamlets, first in the quite zones, then further in the conflict zones, and last in the freed zones.
This plan backfired, because these peasants became more sympathetic with the Vietcong, because they felt no threat from them.
The pretence for building this wall around Adhmiyah, is to protect the Sunni inhabitants from the continuous attacks from neighboring Shiite neighborhoods, and to prevent retaliations from the Sunnis against these attacks.
Guerrilla warfare revolves around a basic idea that a guerrilla fighter is like a fish in the water, meaning that he swims in his community like a fish does in the water. The counter idea is to drain the water from the fish tank, i.e. to isolate the fighter from his community and surroundings buy using multiple combinations of the stick and carrot strategy, starting with trying to appeal to the locals and ends with mass punishment, mass arrests and mass executions.
This was in Vietnam, and the Americans tried it all in Iraq, but nothing worked. And now they are trying the last option which is to physically separate the fighters from the population by means on concrete walls.
The Americans tried this method in Flluga and Tal A’afar, with no successes also. There was no media focus on these previous attempts, but because Adhmiyah is the in the center of Baghdad as well as media focus, a great attention was to this plan.
This is nonsense; they reached a new record of stupidity. Nobody can be that stupid, nobody. Even George bush is not that stupid. I’m beginning to think that they want it that way, that they want civil war and turmoil in Iraq, that they never want to see Iraq stable. Because… come on, who the hell came up with that plan?
Algeria, Belfast, Vietnam, the west bank, and finally Adhmiyah, they haven’t learned anything from history. They haven’t learned that these walls don’t just separate people, they separate hearts, anger, grudges, suffering will grow behind these walls no matter how noble the purpose was, if noble at all.
And hey… while we are on this subject, our so called “elected prime minister” said that he didn't approve on the plane, but they went ahead with it anyway. It’s either that he has no say in these matters (which is, let’s face it, true) or he is lying (which is nothing new).
Either reason is…. Well… how can I put this? Either reason makes him look like a monkey. I’m thinking of sending him some peanuts.
They say they are going to build walls around other districts in Baghdad. I wonder when what they would look like when they finish them. I wonder how Baghdad is going to look like when they finish them. And I wonder how the walls within our hearts would look like when they finish them. The problem is not the concrete wall, the problem is the walls these walls are going to build in the hearts of Iraqis, the problem is the wounds that can not be healed, and the problem is the ills that can not be mended.
This is far more than just a wall. I am not afraid of the stone in the walls, I am afraid of the stones replacing the place where our hearts is meant to be.
“Thou shalt not kill” is obsolete, the 21st century version is “thou shalt do whatever the hell thou want, and let me go to sleep”
The walls prevent the sun light from shinning of god’s children; the walls within our hearts prevent god’s hand from touching us. It is getting dark in this world, it is getting dark in Iraq, it is getting dark in out hearts.
But the sun is bound to rise, the light wick kick the darkness away. The dark has blackened our eyes that we can’t recognize who’s friend and who’s foe, who brother and who’s enemy. But the sun will shine, and I will see you in the morning light.


At 4:58 AM, Anonymous sinan abdul muttalib said...

i dont wanna talk about the situation in iraq because that makes me sick, but i wanna talk about the situation here in the lands of free. when this goverment will realize that their acts are stirring the people of iraq and it creating more terrorist? a wall around a neaighborhood, can they do this to the niggaz neighborhoods in america? why in iraq? shouldent they use this strategic plan against illegal immigrants who are considered the main threat to their national security!!? or our lives and humanity is worthless like the red indians? are we going to have iraqi reservation in the two rivers land one day? who knows.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger bruno said...

ILord, that's a very good analysis. Your points are well thought out and make a lot of sense. The day when Shia and Sunna unite is the day the Occupation is doomed. It's in their interests to keep the people separated from each other.

At 2:01 AM, Blogger Through Grace Peace said...

Our Eyes Dream Acid Tears

One land, one people, all asleep
one dream in every mind
all see words of scripture, captive
in a vise of hatred, crushed
distorted words of God, acid
tears, with screaming lips, the captor
feels the kiss of Satan
on his heart.


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