Wednesday, November 30, 2005


In the years to come, many would remember these days as the tragic road to freedom in iraq.
Freedom has price, to be free u must pay this price. Somtimes it is with blood, the blood of those who seek and struggle to be free. At the end, when the price is fully paid, they get thier prize.
During curent events in iraq, a lot of blood has been and being shed. The blood of the innocents is not the price for freedom. When brothers kill each other it is no mean to an end. It is mere killing. A crime.
No blood has beed shed to serve the cause of freedom. It only deepens the wounds if doesnt open new ones.
In the road to freedom, to free yourseld form your suppresor, one most not use the same ways of the former. Meaning to fight suppresion, one must not use the tools of the suppresion.
To understand what is happening there, let's take an example. In his struggle for civil rights, Martin Luther king said that freedom is not given, freedom is taken. He said that can not be free, unless he reaches a particular state of mind. In this state of mind one must reach the idea of him being free, he must know for a fact that all what he was toought was wrong, and a black man is no less a man than a white one, a black man can sit and eat where the white man can sit and eat. this is a specific state of mind.
In Iraq, we must reach this state of mind, we must realize that we are free to choose, and act accordingly. Unfortunatly, we still live 3 years ago, we dont act like we are free, that we have a democracy, that nobody can choose for us anymore, we didnt realize that till now. When we realize it, when we reach that mental state where all the things and actions of the past no longer make sense, therem and there only, is where we get our freedom.
One might argue that we already did that. We had elctions, we have a now a constitution approved by the majority of the Iraqi people.
Do we?
The elections was nothing but a facade, a charade if u will. What really happened is the shiite voted for the shiite, the kurds voted for the kurds, and the sunnies choose not to participate. What kind of democrasy is that?
The purpose of the constitution, is to unite the nation under one law, to put the pople of the nation together in harmony. Did we accomplish that? Appearntly no. The same thing happend, the shiite voted yes, and the sunnies voted no. What about the constitution itself, does it gather us? sadly no. It rather legitimizes seperation and division.
The point was to minimize the control of the central goverment over the provinces, in fear that a strong central goverment may be threat to the people. They didnt overcome the past three years, they are still living in the year 2003. They didnt wake up to start building a new house, they are still trying to razq the old one.
We will never be free unless we come around, unless we change, unless we wake up and realize that the old house no longer exists.
We will not be free unless we reach a differsnt state of mind, unless we ralize that all what we have been doing in the past is wrong and we need a fresh start.
We will not be free unless we stop calling each other names.
We will not be free unless we stop killing our brothers, for our brothers are all we have.
We will not be free unless we realize that revenge in leading us nowhere, unless we realize that revenge is not a way to biuld a country, its a was od destryoing it.
To biuld is to forgive and forget and start fresh.
Sadly those poeple in power now are so blinded by thier revenge that they cant see no color but the color of blood.
I hope that there would be change, and I hope that the moment of change is near.