Monday, September 18, 2006


There is something extremely wrong with us, you know what that is? We don’t understand people. We think that other people think like we do, we think that they do the same things we do, we think that the see things the way we do, we think that they believe in the same things we do; therefore, we can not communicate.
I read what the pope said, and I think that I understood what he meant. He was quoting from a book; he didn’t mean to undermine Islam. He was simply addressing the matter of how we can reason faith, and whether reason, as we know, is enough to understand the work of god or how god works and thinks.
I'm a little into philosophy, and I can understand that. What I can't understand is why are you so pissed off over some comments from the pope which you considered insulting to Islam, to the level of burning churches and killing innocent nuns, why are you so pissed off at that and you are cool with islamofascism? You didn’t burn American embassies, you didn’t call your ambassadors home, you didn’t go to mosques and shout death to America, or America is part of your fantastical crusade.
The only crusade, of there is one, is being led by Muslims, not Christians.
Muslims are the ones who hurt Islam the most, not Christians. I'm not defending the pope, because he really has control what he says, and I'm not saying what I'm saying because I'm Christian, because that has nothing to do with it. We hit a new low everyday, we choose our battles, but we choose poorly. We are emotional people, which is a good thing because it means that we have good hearts, but we direct our emotions towards the direction. Instead on focusing on the real problems, we busy ourselves with trivial matters and leave the big picture.
We hate the pope for saying that, we burn churches, we kill nuns, we threaten to raze the Vatican, we do all that, which makes us look bad, while instead we could do one simple good thing which will make us look very good and civilized, we could reason.
Yes, reason. If you thought the pope offended you, and said things that not true, do you think that burning churches and killing nuns is gonna help your cause? Do you thinks that protests with slogans like the pope is part of a crusade against Muslims and Islam is gonna help make the world understand that what he said was not true? We do not know how to reason. Actually we knew how to reason, we knew how to talk sense, we knew how to teach others and convince them with whatever we wanted to say, but it seems that we have forgotten how to do that.
The same thing happened with that cartoons deal, we forgot that Muslims are being persecuted in their Muslim countries, by Muslim hands, and when they seek refugee in other countries, non-Muslim countries, they are welcomed. Does that make sense to you? Cause it doesn’t to me.
This is a very sensitive matters for Muslims, but it appears to me that you are ok with Muslims being killed by Muslims, islam being ridiculed by Muslims, the whole world telling you what to do while you are idle, people moving on and leaving you 300 hundred years behind, you are ok with all that, but you are not ok with some stupid cartoons or some silly quote.
No wonder we are still stuck in the 12th century, still dreaming about a long lost glory while the rest of the world is in the 21st century and making a whole brand you glory for itself overlooking those who are left behind.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Feels like home

Unknown number of people, locked away in an undisclosed location or locations around the world, for unlimited time, without charge, without fair trail or any trail, under unknown circumstances, meaning they may have been tortured or humiliated, this sounds like something the KGB would do, or maybe Saddam, but no. this is the president of the country which claims to be the leader of the free world, and for you who don’t know what I'm talking about, this the United States of America.
Thank for very much Mr. Bush, and in your face for you all who said that I lacked "Moral Equivalence", I hope you are reading this, and I hope, with all my heart, that you say something to me about it. There is in America now, a president who is an outlaw, and he is not as cool as Jessie James, or as smart as the Luther, he is stupid, ignorant, arrogant, and crazy.
But don’t think that he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, or because he came around, or because he wants to accept the rule of the Supreme Court (which ruled earlier that these prisons and Guantanamo prison violate both the American constitution and the Geneva Convention. Add to that, it ruled that the special tribunals that government wants to hold for the detainees in those prisons are illegal and unconstitutional). No sir, this is game he is playing…. Wait a minute…. He is not that smart to do this, this is what his advisors told him to say to try to corner the democrats, to put them on defense for upcoming elections.
So he is just toying with the people, so democratic of him, and so clever of you, all of you who gave this man a second term.
Is that the democracy you came thousands of miles and spend billions of dollars and lost more than 2000 men and women to teach us? Ok, I understand the concept of democracy and the rule of law now, or at least the American version. You say it but you don’t do it, you tell other people to do it, and make them believe that you do it too. Just make sure to have lots of nuclear bombs and a strong economy, and then do whatever you want, and screw everybody else. Kindda like live and let die. Cool, isn’t it?
Now someone might argue that there people do not deserve to be treated like humans, because of all the horrible things they have done. But wait second!!! What about the people who killed more than 100,000 Iraqis, what about the people who for 13 years had nothing to do but to kill little babies? Which wasn't enough for them by the way, but the came all the way across the oceans to kill the rest and destroy what little left to destroy.
What is wrong with you people? It is you who lack moral equivalence, hell you don’t have any morals at al. when you murder, destroy, torture, lie, cheat, violate humane rights, it is always for the good. But when others do it they are evil. Does that seem moral to you?
Secret prisons, unlawful detention, detention without charge, illegal wire tapping, ignoring the Supreme Court, lying to the public……… this really feels like home.

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