Thursday, November 23, 2006


my friend Luke, of the olive branch network, asked the Iraqi bloggers some questions. He wanted to know their opinion on different issues regarding the future of Iraq.
I gladly participated in the answering of these questions, some of my Iraqi bloggers freidns did too.
well... Here is the questions:
If you had a chance to direct the Iraqi government, what would be the first 5 steps you would take to begin bringing Iraq towards a better, unified future?

If you had a chance to control US policy in Iraq, including troop levels, what are the first steps you would take towards helping the Iraqi government obtain legitimacy and begin working towards a better, unified future?

IDEALLY, what model of government would you LIKE the Iraqi government to become? (Secular Democracy, Islamic Theocracy, Federalist, Republican)...

WHO do you see as the main obstacles in reaching this ideal model of governance?

What POLICIES do you see as obstacles in reaching this ideal model of governance?

What are the main non-Security related industries you believe need to be repaired // "reconstructed" most urgently?

What are the most urgent non-Security related industries that CAN be repaired // reconstructed using IRAQI LABOR?

Finally, What are some non-Security related suggestions as to how to combat the dangerous level of unemployment experienced across Iraq?
And here is your answers my friend:

1- The first step would be to ban all religious and sectarian parties, the second step would be getting rid of all who came with the occupation, and put them to trial for treason, this step would include following anyone who fled the country and confiscating all their assets. All the terrorists are included in this too, with the exception of the national patriotic resistance. The third step would be forming a national patriotic government and putting Iraqi nationalists into office, the choosing of which would only be based on merit regardless of sectarian, ethnic, or religious belonging. The fourth step would be to restore all Iraqis to their original jobs and annulment on any laws that incriminate thoughts, beliefs, or principles. No individual should be incriminated without hard evidence and beyond any reasonable doubt. The fifth step would national reconciliation, letting go of all the mistakes of the past, starting over and putting whatever happened before behind our backs. The last step in the most important and crucial step in building the Iraqi future. Revenge will get us nowhere to say the least, in fact revenge is one of the reason we are where we are today.

2- I would have to be an American to answer that question. I am an Iraqi, and all that I care about is the interests of my country, this may be contradictory to United States interests. Anyway… after the formation of a national government and restoring the army, they should begin and immediate pull out.

3- A secular republic with a strong center is the ideal form of government for the time being. This type of government should be transitional for a period of 4-5 years, during this period the Iraqi people should educated about democracy and free election and speech. Then election should be held to let the people decide what type of government they want.

4- the mail obstacle is the total ignorance to the true meaning of democracy, and existence of sectarian and religious parties, each of which claim to represent the will of god on earth, which is obviously not true. The will to serve is also non-existent, everybody in only willing to serve their own interests rather than the countries.

5-religious and sectarian division, the though that some part of the Iraqi people should assume power just because they represent the majority of the population is ridiculous. Power and office should be given to those of merit. The fact that the persons in question are shiaa, Sunni, Arab, Kurd, Muslim, or Christians is irrelevant.

6-the basic services (water, electricity…etc.) should be restored immediately, as should the oil industry, which should be monitored closely to prevent and possibility of manipulation and theft.

7-all the above mentioned can be restored by Iraqi hand, we did once in 1990 and we can absolutely do it again.

8-i don’t know exactly how to answer this question, but I think with the security situation getting better, and the formation of a free foreign investment program, which is carefully designed to benefit the Iraqi people first and foremost, the economy would get better and more jobs would be available. Putting in mind that the oil industry should be excluded from this program.


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