Wednesday, November 08, 2006


For the sake of all that things that is holly, give me a freakin break. I promised myself I would never write about this, but I was outraged by the all the people who said this was justice. Because it is not, this is not justice. This is was not a happy moment for me, it was a shameful moment. Don’t get me wrong, I only want justice to be done, this, sadly, was not justice, it was revenge. And revenge, my dear friends, will lead us nowhere. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.
I would have rejoiced, I would have been happy if this trial was fair. But we just can not move on, we just can not wake up, we just can not realize that it had been three years, we just can not start over. What the hell am I talking about? I'm really stupid, we are still fighting over something happened more than 1400 years ago, how in the name of god are we going to forget something that happened 3 years ago?
We just can not move on, that is it. Take it from me. it is we who do not want a bright future, it is we who do not want to progress, it is we who do not want change, it is our fault. You don’t believe me, do you? Well …. I have proof.
This trial is my proof. People came from all over the world, Iraqis and non-Iraqis, advocating change, a new liberal, democratic, free Iraq under no rule but the rule of law. But we failed at the first test. Even though we feel the same about this, we can't agree. Isn’t this a shame or what?
Justice means everybody should receive a fair trial, regardless of who they are or what they had done. If you think that this trial was fair, then you are blind, deaf, and just plain stupid. If you think that this trial was for the 148 who were executed in Dujail, then you must be stupid, because it is not. If you think we should rejoice because they are going to hang the tyrant, then you are mistaken, because we are doing it for the wrong reasons.
I'm sorry, I really am, but I just can not be happy about it. I wanted justice, but all I got was revenge. And you know what… revenge is a bad thing. We don’t need revenge.
Let me tell you a funny thing, the day before the verdict, the PM appeared on TV, suggesting that Iraqis should not "rejoice much". In a really democratic country, this would be basis for mistrial. Right? We have made our killer a martyr in the eyes of many. They say it's for the people, who he murdered, but we have done those people a great wrong, we did not give the murderer the justice he deserved, the justice he denied all his victims. How are we better than him? How are we not the same with him? We are doing the same things, only on larger scale. They say he hated Shia and Kurds, now everybody hates everybody else. They say he killed Shia and Kurds, now everybody is killing everybody else. They say, during his 35 years, he took billions; now billions are being taken daily. They said he appointed people without any experience or education, have you looked at the Iraqi ministries lately? I'm defending him, but… please…. Show me how are we better than him? I'm not just talking about the government; I'm talking about people, Iraqis. To every Iraqi who is happy about this verdict, I ask this… how are you better than Saddam? How is Hakim, Maliki, Jafari, Dulaimi better than Saddam? How is bush better than Saddam?
Again, I am not happy, I am shamed. This verdict means we are still not ready to move on. This verdict means we don’t agree on things we agree upon. I am sorry, but I am not happy.


At 6:26 AM, Blogger jae said...

"How is bush better than Saddam?"

Oh know that Bush and friends have killed more Iraqi people than Saddam did. And you also know that the Kurds who were killed by Saddam were killed with weapons given to Saddam by the USA.

So.....what was the question again?

"Again, I am not happy, I am shamed."

I know the feeling.

Are you feeling less despair knowing that there has been a change in the US government control and that there is some hope that the US will begin withdrawing from the occupation? We are working on the people newly elected to office to make them realize it needs to happen.

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, only if people started asking questions like these instead of using guns to make themselves heard.


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