Monday, August 14, 2006

No more "why do they hate us?" no more whining and crying about 9/11, no more crap about "Global Terrorism", now you can go and stick it up your asses, literally. Just write whatever you want on a piece of paper, or papers, roll it, and stick it up your ass, cause I will not, I repeat, I will not be lied to again.
So… and believe you me, what I am about to say is very, very interesting. The murder of 34 children in Qana is not a war crime, but the killing of 12 Israeli soldiers is, according to an Israeli army spokesman. He says that the children were not the target, the Israelis meant to kill Hezbollah fighters and accidentally killed innocent people, but Hezbollah wanted to kill innocent people but its missiles accidentally killed 12 soldiers. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. The whole world was watching when they destroyed Lebanon, and they acknowledged the right for Israel to defend itself, they all gave the green light for these basturds to kill innocent people. Basturds? Basturds would be highly offended if they were compared to those humane beasts. And by beasts I don’t only mean the Israelis, no sir, I mean all of those who stood with them and gave the excuse to continue the bloodshed.
Hate is a very powerful feeling, and believe you me, they hate for a very good reasons, or for 1400 good reasons. Don’t expect a child who lost five of her siblings and both parents in Qana massacre to "like" America, or Israel, don’t expect me to like America and the American president when he says that he is sorry for what happened but this can not be considered a was crime. Don’t expect me to like you when have double standards, one where Arabs are guilty of everything, and the other where you and Israel are always right. Don’t expect me to like you when you send me psychopaths to liberate me, the kind of psychopaths which decide to rape a 14-year old girl and kill her whole family, including a 5-year old sister, just for the heck of it, just because the got bored of playing golf. The poor men got bored, so they decided to rape and kill a little girl. If those are your brave and courageous, what would your cowards look like? Seriously? Haven’t you had enough? I mean is its really self defense to destroy a whole country for the sake of tow soldiers? They said that they don’t have a problem Lebanon or Lebanese people, the want Hezbollah, and yet, the destroyed the whole country. Who are you bullshitting assholes? It aint me, that’s for sure. It's only the dumb asses who watch Fox news and believe that pathetic excuse for a humane being, George W. bush. If you believe this bullshit, then you are a stupid, fat ass, dumb ass, redneck just like your stupid president.
Sorry for the language, but I just couldn’t take anymore. This has gone way beyond my tolerance; this has crossed the line for me so far away that I can't even see the line anymore. I know it all, I know that Hezbollah is fighting Iran's war; I know that they work for Iran; I know the fought with the Iranians against Iraq. I know all that. What I don’t know is why? Why is it ok for Arabs to get killed? Why is it ok for us to die? Why the ones who killed us aren't called terrorists? Why when a bunch of lunatics hijack a plane and fly it onto a tower, why should I, and millions with me pay for it? Why weren’t they terrorists when they were working for the CIA? Why can Israel do anything and don’t get to pay for it? Why can Israel get away with anything?
I'm so sick of it all. Ill leave it to that. I will say no more. Until next time.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger jae said...

Your disgust is completely justified.

I have given up all hope and will be deleting my blog in a few days.

I never thought it would come to this. My heart is broken and I will never recover from knowing that the government of a country I used to be proud of has committed every crime conceivable.


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