Monday, May 29, 2006


I have decided not write anymore, not that anyone would miss me or anything, but I didn’t feel like it, plus I didn’t have the time.
These last days, have been filled with jokes. Everybody is joking, no one can be serious. No one can say there things and be serious about it, so in order to feel better myself I have considered everything that had happened during these last days as jokes.
For instance, the Iraqi parliament was in session, but they did not discuss the future of the country, or the deteriorating condition, or the lack of basic services, but instead, they were fighting about how much power they would have, and how much they are going to get paid, how much would they pay them if they traveled outside the country, these kinds of stuff.
When the parliament first convened, a female representative had a fight with the chairman over a mobile telephone, her mobile rang and the chairman's guards jumped her, she accused him and his guards of assaulting her.
But hey, all that doesn't matter, we have a government, not a complete one thought, but it is a good thing anyway. However, I have never heard of any government in any part of the world throughout history that was formed without of the tow most important offices named. But who say they are important anyway? One is responsible for the domestic security of the country; we don't have one anyway, so why worry?
The other is responsible for the security of the nation against foreign threats, since we are already invaded by a foreign force, and another force is dwelling inside the country with no restrictions, let alone having there minions run the country, therefore we don’t need neither an army nor a ministry to run it.
So we see that there are no logical reasons for the existence of the ministry of interior and the ministry of defense. What the hell is all this fuss about? One might say, this is democracy. But who says that democracy is about pleasing everybody? Who said that is a democratic government everybody should be there? And what the hell do we need 36 ministries for? And why the hell nobody wants to let go of his militia? Why are
As for our so called political parties, I wonder where their finance come from, I wonder if they were registered, I wonder if there is a place to register them anyway. I wonder that there agendas are, and if you take away saddam, the baathists, killing everyone who fought is the Iran-Iraq war, and killing every scientist there is, what would be left? What are there planes for the future? What do they intend to do next? How are they going to do it? Nobody has any answer to there questions. Nobody has even asked those questions for all I know, and apparently nobody wants to.
And by the way, what did it take 5 months to from the government anyway? This is not democracy, this is chaos. And by the way again, here is a thought, if what they say is true and we are an independent sovereign country, with an elected parliament and a government appointed by that parliament, why in the hell that people come visit our capitol and some other parts of the country without telling everyone, uninvited and unexpected? Why? Why does the British defense minister come to Iraq, visit his troops in Basra and elsewhere without even telling the central government? Where are his manners? Why do secretary Rumsfeld and Secretary Rice just drop off at the doorstep of the green zone and expect everybody to come to them? Does that make any sense to anybody? Seriously? I hate this; I really really really hate this.
But what I hate the most is my countrymen's attitude, passive attitude to be more exact. I was talking the other day with a friend of mine, who currently live in Syria, he said a lot of things that really pissed me off, but there was one thing that made go ballistic, he said that Iraq was imposed upon him as a country, that he had no choice of being Iraqi. What the hell is that crap about? I'm sorry, but if Iraqis feel that way, then we have no choice whatsoever of being a country, let alone a civilized one. If we keep asking people to help us and don’t help ourselves, if we keep waiting for god or people to help us, if we keep silent about everything that’s going on today, then we are doomed, then its our end, then we are signing our countries death certificate, and very much likely our own. God be with you beloved Iraq, there are little left who truly lovedidnt.
Didn’t I tell you? It's all a joke, everything that’s been happening is a joke, but somehow I am not laughing.


At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Erik Sziraki said...

Hello! Just read your post while searching the web for Iraqi views on the war.Don't stop blogging. Here in the west we have no clue how Iraqis are feeling, so your voice is worth a lot, at least to me.

Erik Sziraki, Norway

At 4:46 PM, Blogger jae said...

Hey, I check in from time to time, to I would miss you. So please don't stop writing.

As I read your description of the in-fighting going on in Parliament it made me think of the US Govt and their petty selfishness. Whatever works best for them is almost always how things turn out here in America, as far as I can tell.

I read every day about Iraq and I am aware of how terrible the security situation is. What is the solution, do you think? If the occupying forces left quickly, would it get worse or better? I think you would be able to tell better than I.

There are many American people who see what was done to your country as a travesty. Many who want the troops out and to start rebuilding the country and helping the Iraqi people at once. There are some who can give help now, not many. The US government does not seem to share the hopes of the Americans who want the occupation to be over and the people of Iraq to be helped to heal. There is no taking back what has been done to your country, and that pains me and many others here in America.

Your frustration and hurt are justified. Please do not give up hope.

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Riot Starter said...

You're doing some good job, never stop blogging. Some might not leave comments as often, but we always check :)

At 6:44 AM, Blogger Ash said...

Don't stop blogging - many people read your blog even if they don't leave comments :)


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