Friday, October 13, 2006


I really need to be depressed to write something. Fortunately, this happens frequently. I feel sad and depressed. I lost my loved ones.
Sorry to tell you that, but I did. I lost my father, my mother, my brother, and my sister, and finally I died. I died 660,000 times.
Americans ask "why do you hate us?" well…. I have 660,000 reasons to hate you. But I'm not like you, I'm better, I am not going to go on a killing frenzy, and kill every American I see, I won't come to America and destroy it, I won't butcher your children, or rape your girls. I just won't.
660,000 people died in Iraq, and do you care? Nooooooooooooooooooo, you don’t.
You would have cared more if they were cattle or sheep; you would have cared more if they were chicken infected with bird flu. For god's sake, you care more about your dogs than about humane beings. But wait a minute, this is wrong, I'm terribly sorry, who said you even consider them to be humane beings anyway? They served their purpose, they died.
Every person in this world has a purpose serve. People are born, they grow up, they go to school, they get married, they have kids, they work, they produce, you know the drill. But us, on the other hand, our only purpose is to die. We get married, we have kids, but we might just as well send to their graves immediately, because they are going to die anyway. You get married and reproduce children, we reproduce corpses. Corpses which only purpose is die and be buried. That’s what we do, WE DIE.
660,000 died. But he doesn’t believe in that number, they grave digger doesn’t believe that he killed and buried 660,000 people. And does he give a number? No, he doesn’t. he just says its not 660,000. OK, I'll go with that, lets say its half, 330,000. is that enough? No? OK, let's say its 100,000. OK now? No? Let's just say its 50,000. Is this fair? Who gives a rat's ass what the number is you dumb maniac? Whatever the number is, its people. It describes how many people who had been killed. Concentrate, people not cattle. People not dogs. People for god's sake.
But again, I'm sorry, you should forgive me, sometimes I get emotional and forget what you think. They are not people, never have been. They served their purpose on earth, they died. That’s what we do, WE DIE.
Come again? What was that? Liberation? Yes, yes… I forgot about that. Sorry? Tyranny? Well, sure. Terrorism? Of course, how can I forget that, you keep saying this every god-damn day. Every time any of you say these things, I want to puke. You can't be that dumb. The American people can't be that dumb, no way. You just can't be that dumb, it doesn’t make any sense. If the American people are that dumb, how can they be leading the whole world in democracy and humane rights? But maybe you are not as democratic and not humane-rights defending as you might think. You care more about yourselves than other people, than the whole world. You are ready to murder, destroy, rape, annihilate, exterminate, abolish, erase, and do whatever you deem "necessary" to protect your "civilization", "freedom", and "way of life". The very same things you deny other people, you deny them create their own civilization or acknowledge any they have before, you deny them the right that every humane being is born free, and you deny them to live their own way of life. All that is not American is inferior; all who is not American is not humane. George Orwell should have put that is his book along with war is peace, ignorance is strength, and freedom is slavery. You make other people war to make your own peace, you keep other people ignorant to gain strength, and you enslave other people to ensure your freedom.
What? I don’t know what is wrong with me today, I keep forgetting. Yes, yes. These things are not people. And what am I so pissed off about? They served their purpose, they died. Because that’s what we do. WE DIE.
But you didn’t just kill my body 660,000 times; you killed my dreams, my hopes, and my future. You killed the humane being I thought I was, the one I always longed to be. I'm thinking of all the children who have died, I'm thinking of all the mothers and father who have died and left their children, I'm thinking of the brothers and sisters who have died and left their mother and fathers and siblings. I'm thinking of their hopers, dreams, and future. I'm thinking what would have happened if they hadn’t died, If you hadn’t killed them. I'm thinking of them and I feel like I have died 660,000 times. I'm a walking corpse with 660,000 wounds on my dead body. A dead man walking to nowhere, no hopes, no dreams, and definitely no future. What future is there for a dead man? You don’t just kill people; you kill people's hopes, dreams, and future. You don’t just kill a child; you kill the humane being inside his family. You don’t just rape a girl; you rape the life of the humane being inside her family, turning them into beasts.
Oh shit. Did do it again? Maybe I should take a pill or something. There is something wrong with. What's that you say sir? Yeah, yeah. I don’t know what am I pissed off about? Why am I talking like this? I don’t have a clue, I must be nuts. They did the only thing they were supposed to do; they came here to earth to do one thing, and one thing only, and they did it. Almost flawlessly, the have only one purpose, and they served that sacred purpose, they died. Because that’s what we do, WE DIE.


At 2:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Except it's NOT Americans doing all the killing; it's your fellow Iraqis, along with religious extremists from other Muslim countries.

At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous is WRONG!

It is the FAULT of Bush Admin. going illegally into Iraq.

This was not happening until then...

An American who cares and sees thru the Bush lie after lie after lie...

At 4:47 AM, Blogger dancewater said...

It's Americans who started it all - this violence was not present before the US troops showed up.

Which goes to show you that 'violence begets violence'.

And while some US troops will have PTSD and come back to the USA and engage in further violence, their numbers will be puny compaired to the number of Iraqis with PTSD.

And all that PTSD is due to the US/UK invasion and occupation.

At 4:48 AM, Blogger dancewater said...

Also, I posted your blog on my blog

At 4:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am generally pessimistic that anything resembling "nation building" is actually feasible.

Iraq was a failed state before 2003. It was ruled by a psychopathic brutal dictator along with thousands of his co-conspirators.

In 2003, the U.S.A. deposed this regime because the U.S. believed it possessed WMD which Iraq was no longer legally permitted to possess according to agreements it had signed. There were many other reasons as well for this action, including, but not limited to, state sponsoring of terrorism (payment to families of suicide bombers, etc). Previous unprovoked violence against Kuwait. WMD against Kurds. Barrier to progress in the middle east, etc. Thousands of bodies in mass graves.

Now Iraq is still a failed state despite massive efforts by the USA and other countries. We asked the Iraqis to form a broad-based, liberal democratic government that would govern with justice for all peoples.

Sunnis and Al qaeda began attacking at once. Dumb ass Iraqis helped and gave support to this. Shiites were targetted. They didn't wait for the government response. They formed militias and began massive murderous campaigns. Now you got a civil war with unfathomable deaths.

What should have been our expectations? That a failed state would become an overnight success? No, a failed state is a failed state for a good reason. We should have expected failure from the beginning. It was truly a long shot. It didn't work.

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Treasure of Baghdad said...

7abibi Sam,

I hear you. I hear every word you said. You took these words out of my mouth wallahi.

May God Helps us overcome this hard time.

Your brother,

At 6:53 AM, Blogger jae said...

I read comments from anonymous, who, of course, does not back up their statements with their identity. Unsurprising.

"660,000 people died in Iraq, and do you care? Nooooooooooooooooooo, you don’t."

*I* care. Every day this occupation continues brings me pain.

"Every person in this world has a purpose serve."

Sometimes I doubt that I am serving mine. As an American, I am bonding with my fellow Americans that want this war to end. Does it end?


"But he doesn’t believe in that number..."

He and those that serve him are only serving themselves which means that they believe whatever they wish. Their belief system has nothing to do with reality.

"I don’t know what is wrong with me today..."

There is *nothing* wrong with you.

You are purely human and therefore suffer pain when you know that the world is overwhelmed with suffering pain. That is RIGHT. Not wrong.

"you killed my dreams, my hopes, and my future."

My dreams, hopes and future have been destroyed by the same evil that has destroyed yours.

"Maybe I should take a pill or something."

I take my drug of choice every day. It is the only way to ward off complete darkness.

The hearts of many many Americans ache for what has been done to Iraq and her people by the government that supposedly represents us.

I cannot attempt to comfort you any other way then to say I share your pain and to acknowledge the blackness of my soul colored by the pain inflicted upon you and your country by the government of mine.

I am so sorry.

At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

America is the world's leading rogue state, a fascist warmongering nation of borderline-retarded bloodthirsty butchers. They will NEVER wash away the stain of this Iraq war, not in a million years. The one good thing i can say about this war is that at least now almost everyone in the world, even those who before used to think America's streets were paved with gold and that America actually stood for something decent, can now see it for what it really is. Thank you America for showing the world your true colours. America is a piece of shit. Period.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of crap. 83,000 people a year died under Saddam. Those mass graves didn't appear when we got here.


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