Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Truth Shall Set You Free….. Maybe NOT

I was lying in my bed at 1 am in the morning, when I started thinking. I was amazed by who people see things differently, of how many of us see the same thing but in many different angles, and interpret the same thing in many different ways. Everybody sees the same thing but they don’t see the same thing the same way. Diversity is such a unique humane characteristic.
As I said we all see things, but we see them differently, even when they are so obvious and clear. Like in this half-full-half-empty glass thing, you know, some people see the glass half full, some other see it half empty, and so on. Problem is, sometimes, like in the case of my country, Iraq, there is no electricity to turn on the lights in order to see the glass, there is no water to fill the glass with, god damn it, there is no glass because some maniac blew himself up and blew the glass and a dozen people who were staring at the glass trying to decide whether is empty or full with him. That’s just crap.
Anyway, my point is, the problem with diversity is you have only one question and too many answers, like in the case of my country, Iraq, some people see the Americans as liberators and deserve to be praised, some others see them as invaders and deserve death, some work for the Americans to achieve certain personal goal, some work for them because he of she thinks that this the only way to help the country, some see the torture in Abu Gharib as an individual incident, some others as systematic or as a pattern, some people see the SCIRI as a patriotic party, some others can't forget that they same people tortured and killed most of them during the Iran-Iraq war, some call the person who blows himself up in the middle of the market a martyr, some others cal him a terrorist, some people see the ones who kill innocent women and children as terrorists, and see some other people doing the same thing on, a larger scale and a dozen folds more, as heroes and describing these actions as self defense or making excuses for the murderers by saying maybe they just snapped, some people think that war is the answer, some people think that peace is for the cowards, some people call the people who go into war patriotic some others see the people who oppose the war as unpatriotic, some people believe in god, some people don’t, some people see this, some people see that, I can go on and on and on forever about this and never be able to say everything people think, to sum up, people have different opinions.
Ok, people have different opinions, and that’s good, actually that’s very good, that’s healthy, that means that we can sit and talk and share our different opinions and views about a certain matter or thing, maybe we can't convince the other party of our point, but that should not be the point of any civilized discussion, sharing is the most important thing. Anyway, that’s not my point, my point is, while we talk share and discuss, no out views, but certain facts, what happens to the truth? We all see the truth in our own way; we want to see in the way that we most like. Like, for instance, Osama bin laden doesn’t want to think of himself as a terrorist, but as a man with a mission, but the truth is that he a terrorist. Like Mr. Bush doesn’t want to say that he went to war because Donald and dick told him to, but he wants to believe that he went to war because he wanted to help the Iraqi people. Like when bush says he went to war because he thought that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and connection with al-Qaeda, while the truth is that it was all a lie. Like when American troops kill innocent 2 year olds and the pentagon says that they were terrorists, like when they destroyed my country and claimed that they came to build it, while the truth is that did it to protect the interests on another country. See what I mean? Truth is a shapeless thing, you can give any shape you want, you can bend it, twist it, turn it inside out, anything to your satisfaction.
My mind is so messed up that I don’t know the truth anymore, there are too many truths, you know. The Iraqi government says that they have made many accomplishments, I see none, but they maybe be INFRA- structure accomplishments, naturally, I wouldn’t see any. The neo-cons say that everything is A-OK in Iraq, I don’t see that, but maybe because the electricity is our and I can't see past my nose. Condy says that they made "bad judgments but not mistakes", I can't see the difference, but maybe that’s just some Ebonic crap that I can't "DIG". Bush says that America is wining the war in Iraq, well…. no comment. But maybe they are all right and it's me, the problem is me, I alone can't see the fact that they are saying, maybe I'm just blind, or just plain stupid.
Can somebody please tell what the hell is going on here?


At 2:46 AM, Blogger Riot Starter said...

The world is going nuts. Another example? Domestic CNN and international CNN. Cable News Network, a Time-Warner company, is also confused about which truth is best to sell to the sudience, or which audience is best to sell the to.
That was a tiny example (Not very...getting brain-washed isn't that insignificant). Think of how big it gets when you think big.

At 1:51 AM, Blogger Riot Starter said...

I don't know. I think I'm having amnesia and a deja vu at the same time; i think I have forgotten this before!
And...the government(S) got nothing done. INFRA-accomplishments concerning the infrastructure.


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