Thursday, March 09, 2006


I had all of this figured out last night. I knew exactly what I was going to write when I was lying in bed, but I forgot all about it when I woke up this morning. I should write notes when I'm in bed from now on.
Somebody sent me a comment saying that I lack perspective, and my blog is not worth reading. I plea guilty on both chargers, and I have evidence. Very few people read what I write, and even fewer like it, except for my friend whom I think are only encouraging me, and they don’t want to tell me the hard truth. As for the first charge, the lack of perspective… I don’t deny that at all. But it doesn't really mater if have perspective or not, does it? I am not a world leader, I don’t have people's lives in my hands, I am not a famous figure, people don’t look up to me and believe what I say, I haven’t written any books, a lot of people don’t even know that I exist in this world, it is not significant whether I have perspective or not, and most importantly, in real life measures, I am not significant also. I do this for me, to spell out the feelings that I have been suppressing inside for a long time, what I think is for me only, many people do not share the same vision with me, and maybe some do, that is what freedom of thought is all about, talking with the other, accepting the other, but not necessarily accepting or believing what he thinks is true. What really pissed me off was what this person said about me being emotional. Do I have a reason to be emotional? Well… let's see…. My country was invaded by a foreign army, my house was destroyed, I lost all my memories from my childhood, my family is torn, some here and some there, the future is not so bright and beautiful both for me and for my country, I am not in contact with my friends, I don’t see the people I want to see, I do things that I do want to do, I live in place that I don’t want to live in, I want to pursue my higher studies but I have no money, my country men do not want me because I have different ideas and because my religion is different, I see my people killing each other everyday, I see the invaders killing my people and playing divide and conquer on them, I see them killing and torturing my people in a much more horrible way than the man they said killed and tortured many, I see the people who came with the invader, claiming that they are patriots, but doing nothing to prove it, I see the world watching my and my country's misery, doing nothing to stop it,….. What else? Do you want more? I think that’s enough grounds for being emotional. I think if you don’t get emotional after all this, then you are not humane. But hey… life is unfair.

But let me give you more reasons to be emotional. Many people see my as a terrorist, just for the simple fact that I am an Arab. How about this…. what if I told you that from 29/9/2000 to 28/2/2006 the Palestinians killed 3430 non-combatant Israeli civilians and the Israelis killed 684 non-combatant Palestinian civilians, this is a 5 to 1 ratio. You would most probably say that they are terrorists. But what I told you that it was the Israelis who killed more Palestinians, and these numbers are reversed, that the Israelis killed 5 times more non combatant civilians that the Arabs ( by the way these are not my number, they are taken from the Israeli center for human rights, and the UN) you know what the united states would say? It would say that they were defending themselves against the Arab terrorists. Here some more numbers, this time in the right order, 679 Palestinian child under the age of 15 were killed during the same time period mentioned above, while 118 Israeli child were killed during the same time period, that’s 6 to 1 ration. But we are the terrorists. But hey, life is unfair.
Another reason to be emotional, what would u say if I told that Saddam Hussien used to torture people to death, lock them in unidentified locations, execute them without trail, bury them in mass graves, and do not inform their families about their situation. You would definitely say "come on man, this guy is the devil". Well, maybe he is, anybody would call a man like a devil. But the world calls another who does the same things, only on a much larger scale, the leader of the free world, the president of the United States, George W. Bush. This man orders people to be tortured, wants to make torture legal (even Saddam didn't think of that) saying that terrorist do not deserve to be treated humanely, has killed more than 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousands Iraqis) and counting, has lied to the American people (which is against the law by the way), is listing to your phones and scrutinize your email and search engine, is responsible for the death of more than 2000 Americans. In spite of all that, some people think of him as a hero, and many even elected him president for a second term. But hey, life is unfair.
You want some more reasons? I can't file a law suite against the united states for all the hard it had done to me or my country, nor can you, nor can my country, nor can anybody. You know why? Because the United States did not recognize the international criminal court. If they were innocent, what are they so afraid of? But they put Milosevic on trial in that court. Hey, life is unfair.
As I said earlier, I had all this figured out, I knew what I wanted to say last night when I was lying in bed, but when I woke up it was all gone. I wanted to say a lot more, I wanted to give you more reasons, but I'm just too tired to remember, too sick to of this too talk, to emotional to think. I really wanted to say more, but hey, life is unfair.


At 3:32 AM, Anonymous An Italian. said...

Excellent post, 'Lord'.

At 9:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Utter BS.

You know why the Palis are the terrorists and not the Israelis? Because only the Palis WANT to have that fight. Israel would be perfectly happy to leave the Palis alone; the Palis insist on the destruction of Israel.

Besides beatings, Saddam cut people's fingers, toes, arms, legs, and tongues out. Bush allowed people to have wet rage put on their faces to scare them. While Saddam murdered anyone who opposed him, American forces attack only those who oppose the democratic will of the Iraqi people.

There's a phrase you need to learn: false moral equivalence.

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