Saturday, February 04, 2006


In the last few days, all I could hear people talk about, or watch on the news is this damn cartoon that this Danish journalist published. Muslims all around the world have been protesting against it. Burning the Danish flag, boycotting Danish products, and even making threats on the lives of some people.
Well... They have the right to do that, there is no doubt about that. The real question is "How do we chose our fights?"
First I have to say that I am not Muslim, but I am an Arab. And maybe its not may place to give an opinion on this matter, but I will do it anyway. I will do it because I am losing my mind, and if something like this happens one more time I am going to check in a nut house myself.
They said that they were insulted, and they forget that they are being insulted every single day. They said they were humiliated, and they forget that are being humiliated ever Single day too. The said that they have been outraged because the prime minister of Denamrk wont apologize for what the paper did, why should he apologize? He hasn't done anything, he hasn't said anything. They want him to make the paper apologize, they cant realize he cant do that, he has no power over the paper or the journalist, he cant make them say something they don't want to say. They said that this journalist wouldn't dare picture Christ in the same way. Well.. Maybe this journalist wouldn't, but others would, and they had done, and still doing it. These people obviously haven't read Da Vincci's cod, or Holy Blood Holy Grail, and haven't watched The Last Temptation of Christ or read the book either. Christ and Christianity are being mocked everyday by people, plays, movies, books, columns, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet, every single way, and nobody cares. Did they care when the terrorists bombed 7 churches in Iraq the other day? NO, they didn't. If you don't believe in Christ, that's between you and him, its nobody's business.
Why do they boycott Danish products? Why do they punish the whole country for what one man did? And they wonder why did the prime minister refuse to apologize. I will tell you why, because he has pride, he refuses to apologize in the name of his nation for what one man did. They went to him, when the paper first published the cartoons, and he said what are you coming to me for? If you feel that this is not right, go to court, its as simple as that.
I am so disappointed and frustrated. Everybody forgot about everything, and put their minds on poor Denmark. This is just bullshit.
people are being murdered everyday in the Arab and Islamic world, and they don't dare point a finger. The Imams are crying their eyes out for Mohammed, but they don't say a word about the American daily killing of Iraqis. Israel has been killing Palestinians everyday for more that fifty years, and they don't dare protest and pull the Israeli ambassador. They boycott Danish products, which are mainly dairy products, and they buy weapons from America and England for hundreds of billions of dollars, weapons they don't need, they wont use, they don't even know how to use them, so they have to buy experts to teach them.
Maybe we are stupid, maybe we are hypocrites, maybe we are retarded. What did denamrk and Norway do to us? What did they do to thousands of refugees? They housed them, They gave them taxpayers money for doing nothing, just for being idle. They gave their children education. These people came begging for freedom and they gave them freedom, they gave them security, while the gallows was waiting for most of them in their countries.
After all that, they are protesting. I hoped they would do that when America invaded Iraq, I hoped they would do that when Americans tortured Iraqi prisoners in Abu Gharib. I hoped they would do that when newspapers said that Americans are raping little Iraqi girls. I hoped they would cry over the everyday killing of Iraqi people by American troops just as they cry for Mohammed. But they didn't do as I hoped, they kept watching us getting killed and raped, and they are still. I don't think Mohammed himself would accept that.
What is happening to us? Haven't we learned anything from the past 600 years? I guess not. Have we learned anything from modern history? I guess not too.
We make a whole fuss about some stupid cartoons, which are not ever funny by the way, and we forget about other, greatly important matters in our lives. Like we are free from the occupation, we don't have any disease that's is killing our people, all people, men, women, and children are literate, we have democratic governments, and the national wealth is being used for the welfare and happiness of the citizens.
Give me a break......... Please.
*I would like to note that I am not against Islam or any other religion, and the point of this is not to mock or insult Islam or any Islamic figure.


At 10:08 AM, Anonymous An Italian. said...

As a Christian Catholic, 'Lord', I do agree with your post 100 %.

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

Well, to stir up the mix and make a little light of a not so light situation, I've created some cartoons of my own that you may be interested in.

You're also, of course, welcomed to peruse my other writing, if so inclined.

At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

Well, to stir up the mix and make a little light of a not so light situation, I've created some cartoons of my own that you may be interested in.

You're also, of course, welcomed to peruse my other writing, if so inclined.

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Treasure of Baghdad said...

i made a vow on myself not to comment on this subject. however, i found ur post very intersting.

just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

Treasure of Baghdad


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