Thursday, February 16, 2006


The cartoon fever has not backed yet. People all over the world are still arguing about it. I have seen this happen for a very few times, if not for the first time ever, the Muslim world is gathered in one front. I wish this happened for some good reasons not some stupid cartoons. I wish this happened when America invaded Iraq, or when the Israelis kill Palestinian children, or anything else that really matters to us other than some stupid cartoons published in a not very well-known tabloid.
And lets dsay that this thig do matter, lets say that we are right and this is a bigger issue than the daily killing of our people, what were you trying to prove when u burned, destroyed the building, and killed some of your people? For maybe the first time in my life, I saw everybody gathers together for one cause. I thought to myself, its silly, but hey .... Maybe its a start. But it seems that we cant do anything right, can we? You are giving them exactly what they want, you are letting them say" look .... We were right when we said they just a bunch of retardes". You made the world look at you, you made them think that they might be making a great mistake by ignoring you, you showed them unity and determination. But did u have to fuck it up at the end?

I was thinking about what to say about the video showing British soldiers beating the brains out of some Iraqi kids, I had much chance really, cause I was struck by the photos from Abu Gharib.
I am really out of words, nothing can describe the feeling that I have. Usually, when I see such things, I need some time and a lot of cigarette packs to recover from the shock, to calm myself. But this time, it is really disgusting. If anybody else talks about democracy in Iraq and how the Americans freed us, I will personally torture him or her, using these photos as my guide, cause I cant take anymore of that crap. Forgive for using some bad words, I am really pissed.
I see these pictures and I hear people talking about what they claim that used to happen before, and I think. What has really changed? I am seriously going insane, I don't know whets happening, are living the same thing but in a different time? Or maybe we are still living in that time? I know I am not making any sense, but hey, does these pictures make any sense to you? Torturing people for fun by the same one who claim they come to free them and teah them democracy? Torturing people by the ones who claim that they come from most civilized country in the world? Are they really civilized? Did they come to domocratize the Iraqi people? Everything say otherwise, Everything says not.
Make no mistake, don't let them convince you that these are separate incidents made by individuals. This is crap, these things are not separate, this is a systematic operation to kill and humiliate the Iraqi people. Mr. Bush..... You troops make Saddam's mukhabrat look like small naive children, what your freedom troops are doing to these people in the same place where you claim Saddam Hussein used to torture them, makes it look like what you claim he was doing is just a chaildsplay.

The vice president shot some guy, and nobody knows anything about it. Does that make any sense to you? They don't want to politicize the matter, it was just a hunting accident. I am not saying he was trying to kill him, but it is political. It just gives you some idea about how this administration hide information from you people.

The New York Times says that a former member of the CIA says that the information about Iraqi WMDs were manipulated to fit Mr. Bush's thirst for war. This man says a lot of the information was either "not true", "fabricated", or just pure bullshit. (I was quoting from the newspaper, but the last one is from me).
The papers concerning the nager deal were proven to be fraudulent, the story about the aluminum pipes was just pure crap, the agent who made this story didn't even get the measurements right. This "curveball" guy proved to be a liar, giving false information to get money and political refugee status. This guy gave them the moving labs idea. All crap. But the just wont quit, will they? Now they say they have some tapes that prove tham Saddam Hussein had the intetion to resume the biological weapons program. I have listened to some parts of these tapes, in one of them a guy says to the president what could be translated as" you just have to say the word sir, we are prepared". OK.... What I really want to hear is what did the president said to him? What did he say? Yes? No? I bet my life that he said no, cuuse if he said yes, we would have heard it, woudlnt we? Just don't believe everything u hear or see. Don't simply give this administration your trust. Because the lied to you for many times. If you believe them, you would be plain stupid.

Big Brother is watching you. Chronologically, 1984 has come to pass, but not in the Orwellian sense. At least not fom Mr. Bush. Big Brother is watching all of America now, and when he was exposed, he was repentant. What happened to the constitution? I guess they are using it a toilet paper now, or to cover to wounds or the dead bodies of the 100,000 Iraqis who died without reason.
Once upon a time, a long time ago, America was the dram, now its only a nightmare. They, Americans, used to believe in humanity, now all the believe in is themselves and their masters in Israel, only in absolute power and world domination. The olny thing that drive them is the imperliastic urge to control the wolrd regardless of the number of human casualties who die in the way.
They are killing your spirit, you soul. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT?


At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You tend to lack perspective and are overly emotional. I have no futher desire to read your blogs.


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