Friday, December 02, 2005


There was nothing new in president Bush's speech to the troops in Anapolis, the same old speech over and over again.
Even the American newspapars said it was a repetion of old speeches. The American public wanted to know if the president learned from mistakes, appearently, he didn't.
Mr. Bush, who's as far as u can go form realizing reality, was saying the same things he said befor. We have seen this befor.
The public wanted to hear about his strategy in Iraq, they wanted to know when he is going to pull the troops out, they wanted to know what went wrong and how he is going to make it right.
But they didn't hear that, its like they give him the same speech every time to read in public, they maybe use the same papers on which the first speech was printed on.
By the way that's not my opnion, that's what the New York Times said, not to the word, but the gist is the same.
Now ill qoute. He said something about the Iraqi army taking control of some areas. The truth was these areas in the middle and the south are already controlled by the shiite milttias, they just chnged thier clothes.
I remembered Nixon's speech back in 1969, the tow speeches are very much similar. Just change the democratic procces in Iraq with the Paris confrence and and you will find them similar. Nixon, howevr, admitted that the Americans were losing and the war was a mistake. He had the luxury to say so because he didnt start that was in Vietnam, so he could said anything. Unfortunatly Bush didn't have that luxury.
President Bush is in quite a dilema, he can't pull out now, becasue that would be a disaster for him and for Iraq. But at the same time he can't sustain to remain in Iraq for indefenit time, add to that, the addminstration haven't reached a realastic strategy yet, and we must not forget that the Iraqis themselves are starting to feel that they should be left on thier own.
The democratic progress in Iraq, was shadoweed by reports saying that the American army paid some papers to publish articles in its benefit.
Even when he talked about progress in training the Iraqi troops, and they are now more ready and qualiffied to be on their own, a lot of poeple didn't approve.
Clearly he is the only who sees that progress. As a matter of fact i dont think he listend to his generals when they speaking to the congress. The truth is only a handful of troops can preform military actions without support from the American forces.
The rosy picutre he painted for Iraq, was not nearly close to the truth.
I suggest that u dont listen to me, I dont approve with the American policy, and i might not impartial, because I see the Americans as invaders. So dont listen to me, what do i know?
I suggest u read the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angles Times, The Independent, and The Guardian.
Read these papers and see for yourselves how far from reality Mr. Bush is.
Agian, this is not my opinion, its YOUR opinion.


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