Thursday, December 01, 2005

She Apologized !!!!

Madlene allbright, the former secretry of state, apologized for saying that the deaths of the iraqi children were worth it. So after all they weren't.
So what now? She admitted that she was worng, she admitted that the policy was worng, she even admitted that they were resposbile for these deaths.
They were not worth it, just as simple as that. try telling that to the children parents.
So what now? are they going to put her on trail? are they going to put her in prison for killing all those children? Well.... What do you think? Of course not. Why would they? She apologized, didn;t she?
She said she was sorry, that's it. I mean, what in god's name do you want more? Do u want like giving the families any compensation or reparation ?Do you want for the unites states to apologize for imposing that deadly embargo, which, according to the former secretry of state caused the deaths of no less than a million child, most of them infants? Naaaaah, she apologized.
So shut your mouths and forget about it, it's in the past. Let it go already. They were propably going to be pro-saddam, thats enough reason to kill them.
3 men were killed in faluja and the americans desrtyoed the city over the heads of the people living in it, militants and civilians. But a million innocent child died for no reason appearently, and nothing. Americans don't think of other poeple, they are crying got thier 2000 men, but dont know nothing aobut the 200,000 Iraqis killed.What do u call that? Arrogance or Stupidity?


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